SVG color font - Fargo

Introducing SVG color font - Fargo. It’s a classy typeface with strong, thick serifs. It has a little bit of personality and can be used for headers and body copy in heavier weights. It’s simplistic and forward approach gives an elevated feel and elegance to any product it touches. Is a sport style font, is creative and modern font. Design beautiful sports posters, urban style posters, magazine covers, make bold advertising and headlines perfectly organized in blocks, all with a strong first impression and rigid masculine look.

- All uppercase&lowercase display, numerals & punctuation
- .otf *
- AI files
- Fargo-Base
- Fargo-Blue
- Fargo-Lines
- Fargo-Olive
- Fargo-WhiteRed
- Fargo-WhiteYellow
- Fargo-Yellow

WARNING! Color fonts are pretty new technology - they currently show up in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps. Learn more about color font support on third-party apps here:
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